Pay Application Fee

The rental application fee is $55.00 per adult (over 18) applicant.  All adults who will occupy the home are required to apply, pay the application fee and sign the lease.

All application fees are non-refundable. Receipt of the full application fee and completed rental application and pet application (if applicable) are necessary before we can begin to process an application.  Please reference the Rental Application or Pet Application for additional information.

To pay the application fee, calculate your total application fee:

Step 1: Calculate the rental application fee:

  • $55 for one adult applicant
  • $110 for two adult applicants
  • $165 for three adult applicants
  • etc.
Step 2:  Click the below Buy Now button and enter the total application fee in the Item Price box.

Step 3:  Complete check out.

Please note: This Buy Now button checkout is designed for application fees only.  If a tenant decides to pay rent, deposits or any other fee/cost associated with the lease via the below Buy Now button, a 5% processing fee applies and must be added to the amount owed (e.g. $800 rent payment paid via the below Buy Now button would result in $820 owed).  If a tenant wants pay those items with a credit card or ACH deposit, please log into your online tenant account.  If the below Buy Now button is used for anything other than the application fee, the amount paid will not be considered paid in full until the full amount due plus the 5% fee is paid.  (The 5% fee does not apply to application fees paid via the Buy Now button.)