Rental Application Process

We have a focus on building relationships with our clients and tenants, so we have tried to streamline the rental application process by incorporating current technologies.  However, renting a home is still a manual process.   Many tenants want to see a home before they decide to apply, and that is expected, and we encourage it; moving into a new home can be a big step in a person’s life.

We first ask prospective tenants to view the property description and pictures at our website,, or our Facebook page,  We recommend prospective tenants drive by the home to view it and the neighborhood to ensure the home and neighborhood are somewhere the tenant wants to live.

If the home meets what a prospective tenant is looking for and after the prospective tenant reviews the Tenant Selection Criteria requirements, we will schedule a home viewing appointment.

After viewing the home, the rental process is:

  1. A prospective tenant submits a rental application and supporting documents and pays the application fee.
  2. The rental application is approved or denied.
  3. Within 24 hours of a rental application approval, the lease is ratified, and a security deposit and $100 leasing coordination fee are submitted.
  4. Finally, first’s month rent and any additional money would be due when the home keys are given.

The process varies a little for out of town applicants; however, it is still the same basic process.