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Headache Free Property Management
Starts With Bluewater Property Management, LLC

Bluewater Property Management has been designed with the property owner (aka you!) in mind.  Aaron Silverman, Founder and Property Manager-in-Charge, owns rental properties.  When he created Bluewater Property Management, he built the company he wanted to hire when he bought his first rental property.

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    Flat Monthly Management Fee Pricing

    Why should a rental property with a higher monthly rent than another property have a higher fee? The work is the same for both properties, but one property owner pays more. That is the percentage based fee structure. Each property under management has the same expenses, so we charge each client the same rate - a flat fee! Receive our Prospective Client Information Packet for a comparison chart.

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    Rental Property Ownership Experience

    In addition to being a licensed Property Manager-in-Charge, Aaron Silverman is also a rental property owner, so he understands a property owner must balance decisions between cash flow, return on investment, maintaining long term value of an investment property and keeping tenants happy and in the property.

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    Efficiency (Leveraged Technology to Improve Results)

    Property value appreciation has outpaced rental rates for several decades causing many landlords to rent their properties at a loss. To combat this, it is vital to use technology to decrease expenses to increase profit and cash flow. With the advancement in technology in the last fifty years, the old rules of rental property ownership and property management no longer apply. We use that technology to create efficiency and effectiveness by streamlining processes and decreasing expenses.

We make rental property ownership headache free!
Our full service property management includes:

  • Real Estate Investing and Rental Property Knowledge and Experience
  • Strong Relationships
  • Property Advertising
  • Tenant Screening and Selection
  • Tenant Placement
  • Rent Collection and Owner Draw Disbursement
  • Monthly Owner Reports and End of Year Tax Statement
  • Monthly Property Drive By
  • Coordinate Documented Property Assessments
  • Handle Tenant Repair Requests and Coordinate Maintenance and Repairs
  • Pay Maintenance and Repair Bills from Owner Funds
  • Coordinate Tenant Move-Out
  • Handle Evictions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Why does Bluewater Property Management have a flat monthly fee structure?

    A.When Aaron, the Property Manager-in-Charge and founder of the BPM, bought his first rental property in 2006, he looked into hiring a property manager to manage the property. He could not understand why a rental property with a higher monthly rent paid more for management services than another property.

    The work is the same for both properties, but one property owner pays more. That confused him, and the fees seemed high. He decided to manage his own properties and his venture into property management began.

  • Q.Is Bluewater Property Management a real estate sales company?

    A.No. BPM is a property management company, and Aaron Silverman is a state licensed Property Manager-in-Charge. We are licensed to manage properties; however, we are not licensed to represent buyers and sellers. Property management is not a side business for us during times of slow real estate sales. Property management is our business, and managing rental properties is our only priority.

  • Q.How can Bluewater Property Management charge a low monthly management fee?

    A.Our business model is focused on property selection, technology and tenant screening. By focusing on those items and 7 years of property management experience, we are able to streamline property management processes to reduce costs. Just on the technology side, we have implemented 10 cost saving processes to reduce our costs.

  • Q.When do I (the client) receive my money each month?

    A.Normally, owner funds are sent via an ACH transfer on the 12th of each month, and the funds take 1 business day to reach the owner’s bank account (varies depending on weekends and bank holidays).

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